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During your initial evaluation with Dr. Enrico Balcos

Your initial evaluation will consist of details from your past, including your medical history and social factors with focus on your current condition and treatment needs. 


You may be accompanied by family members with your permission.  If the patient is a minor, then parents and legal guardians will need to consent all treatment but patient may still be interviewed alone.  For minor patients (children and adolescents), a signed consent is required from parents or legal guardians.  Minor patients may still be seen alone as deemed necessary.

Once your history has been reviewed by Dr. Balcos, he will discuss your personal preferences and treatment option.  He will discuss your treatment plan and other necessary referral.  Medication treatment is initiated with consent of patient, parent or legal guardian.  Discuss any reservations regarding treatment with your primary care doctor.  

Once you are seen and treatment has been initiated, you will be scheduled at appropriate intervals.

Consultation with Dr. Enrico Balcos
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